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Dr Wunmi Ademosu


Dr Wunmi Ademosu

Wunmi Ademosu is a scientist-turned-marketeer with a desire to make a difference in the health and well-being of as many people as possible.

She started her career in research, gaining a PhD in the field of bio-materials, working on improving the surface area of biomedical devices used in medical applications. She then made the leap to marketing, focusing on new innovations that can improve the lives of people every day, whilst helping them to live in a healthier and sustainable way. She has launched innovations that allow us to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging house-hold goods, ensured the ingredients used in everyday house-hold and personal care products are better for the environment and developed and launched skin care products that reduce the amount of unnecessary ingredients used on our skin. Her main drive is listening to and understanding the consumer to ensure the best products are developed to help them in their everyday lives.

Wunmi has a personal interest in mental health for the black and ethnic minority communities due to the lack of research and relevant treatment available for them. She is a keen advocate of this cause especially amongst young black people in London. Wunmi is also keen to ensure the right messaging and support about mental health can be communicated in a simple and effective way to help reduce the stigma of mental health in these communities and the younger generation. She has a firm belief that everyone deserves good mental health.

Wunmi became a Trustee of Mental Health Research UK in 2021.

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