Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push for Mental Health Research UK

IN 2018 6,507 people took their own lives in the UK alone (from UK.GOV suicide registration statistics) 


To raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Research UK in the aid of those fighting every single day to cope with any form of mental health that drastically impacts their quality of life, of friendships, of love, of work, and of hope Taylor Mason is going to roll a tractor tyre up Pen-Y-Fan unassisted. An official event date is not yet organised due to COVID-19 but we aim to give an official date after the risk assessment is approved. As he and the team involved with organising this event are in talks with the Breacon National Trust we are likely looking at a date somewhere in late September- mid October depending on weather conditions. The challenge was inspired by the Greek story of Sisyphus who was condemned by Zeus to roll a boulder up a hill just to watch it roll back down for eternity in the depths of Hades (Greek Mythology's equivalent of Hell.) 


Having known people who have had first hand experienced the effects of mental health myself he thought it's fair to say the experience is a fair symbolic comparison of the day in and out misery inflicted by those affected by poor mental health. Research into causes and treatments to this are taking place every single day but it needs the support of as many people as possible to enhance the capacity of help it's able to provide as well as raising public awareness of things such as symptoms and causes that people may have even been blind to like diet or sleeping cycles. 

During the current state of the world with COVID-19 knocking about it is hard not to feel isolated, distant, fearful, and anxious. Rightfully so do we experience this but for many mental health will exasperate this experience and so it is now that I choose to take a stand and help do my bit for something far greater than myself in the hope of my actions aiding charity in reaching out and reconnecting those who are feeling lost... whilst making a fool of myself on some Welsh hillsides. Any support you can show will be massively appreciated by not just myself and the team but the thousands of smiling faces mental health research can help bring across the world.  


Donate to Taylor's page: Click on this link


SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 by Taylor Mason, Organizer


Today Taylor summited Pen-Y-Fan pushing & flipping a 100kg+ Tractor Tyre for Mental Health Research UK.


He couldn’t have done it without the amazing team of people who were there with him through every step of the journey. He has nothing but love for you guys.

He is so happy to read all of your kind messages and sharing your touching experience with him. Everyone who’s donated is amazing!!