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Mental Health Research UK Scientific Committee, Description of Role.

Mental Health Research UK was the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illnesses, their causes and cures. It remains one of the very few that specifically funds research in these important areas. We are run exclusively by volunteers and are proud of the fact that over 95% of all the money we raise goes into funding research. We focus much of our efforts on capacity building and in particular on funding PhD scholarships; we have awarded four in each of the last four annual rounds. We organise an annual scholars’ day where our students present their projects to each other and an audience of supervisors, trustees and supporters. This allows the scholars to get feedback on their work, to hone their presentation skills and to network with the other scholars and supervisors. It also shows our supporters how their donations are being spent.


We are seeking to establish a small committee of clinical and non-clinical academics with diverse academic backgrounds, views and experiences to advise us and help us with our work. Appointment will be for 2 years in the first instance. We want this group to be as diverse as possible in terms of gender, age and ethnicity, and will also welcome academics with lived experience of mental illness. We see this committee as playing a crucial role in the vitality and future of MHRUK. 


The main roles that we envisage are:

  • To comprise, with the academic trustees, the MHRUK awards panel. This will be responsible for recommending referees for the scholarship applications, shortlisting, and prioritising for funding. This committee will meet twice per year in June and October respectively for shortlisting and prioritisation for funding. We are looking for people with methodological expertise, and sufficient breadth of experience and interest in a range of mental health research to help us make awards.

  • To help publicise the activities of MHRUK through social media and other outlets. This means we are looking for people willing to use social media and their networks to promote MHRUK.

  • To engage in discussions about the strategic direction of the charity and to advise us how we can maximise our impact on mental health research in the UK.

  • From time to time advise MHRUK on specific issues relevant to their areas of expertise.

  • To attend the annual scholars’ day in the Spring in order to provide feedback on the progress of the scholars.


In summary, while not a hugely onerous role (approximately 3 days per year), we are seeking individuals who are willing to make a commitment to participate in our work developing the next generation of mental health researchers and to help us guide the future of MHRUK.

If you would like to apply to join the Scientific Committee, please submit an expression of interest using the form provided and a 2-page CV (including current and previous posts, current and recent grants, and up to 10 publications). The deadline for expressions of interest is March 31st, 2021. Applications should be made by email to:


Potential applicants who have queries about the role are welcome to contact the chair of the awards panel Prof Mike Owen (


Alternatively, please feel free to distribute to those in your networks who you think might be interested in, and suitable for, such a role. Please note that we would be interested in considering applications from established researchers at any stage of their research career.

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