Scholars' Day 2022

The Mental Health Research UK Scholars’ Day is an opportunity for all our Scholars to present their progress during the past year. Before COVID the day was held face to face but in 2021 and 2022 it has been held by zoom. On both occasions the day was preceded by a rehearsal session held online.

The day was attended by all our Scholars, and most of them were introduced by one of their supervisors. We also had a number of our supporters with us as well as Trustees and volunteers. The first year Scholars have five-minutes to present their plans for their research and subsequent years have 10 minutes presentation with 5 minutes for questions.


As part of the day one of our Scholars (Jess Bradley) interviewed Dr Laila Tata a member of the  Scientific Committee and there was also a Question and Answer session with Professor Sir Mike Owen, chair of Trustees.

Room 1: Children and Young People's mental health.

Chaired by: Vanessa pinfold


Presentations by:

Egle Padaigate

Katherine Bird

Taryn Hutchinson

Room 2: Depression and suicide.

Chaired by Mike Owen

Presentations by:

Kerry Hozhabrafkan

Alexandra Schmidt

Niamh MacSweeney

Dr Laila Tata interviewed by Jessica Radley.

Room 3: Schizophrenia.

Chaired by Peter Jones

Presentations by:

Samuel Knight

Jessica Radley

Marjan Biria

Room 4: MD(Res) Scholars.

Chaired by Clair Chilvers

Presentations by:

Camilla Day

Cate Bailey

Nuala Kane

5-minute thesis: First year PhD Students 

Chaired by Jyothika Kumar

Presentations by:

Jane Hahn

Sophie Chick

Tom Jenkins

Oonagh Coleman

Samantha Mitchell

Noushin Saadullah

The follow up questionnaire was completed by 27 attendees split as in the pie-chart below.

14 Pie.jpg
6 Pie.jpg

All respondents found the Zoom Platform accessible and the content interesting. All responders thought the standard of presentations was good or very good, and 96% found them good or very good in terms of accessibility to a lay audience.

3. Bar.jpg

The length of the sessions seemed to work well.

There were approximately equal numbers voting for online or face-to-face next year, with a handful with no clear preference. One comment also suggested that a hybrid Scholars’ Day could work well.


We asked for overall reflections on the day in a few words:

A lovely day

Lovely to see such engaged scholars!

Engaging and inspiring

very interesting

Great! Nice relaxed chairing by Mike and Peter

Impressive group of scholars.

Everything was great

Very interesting and inspiring.

Excellent and inspiring sessions.

Inspirational. Great that MHRUK is supporting such bright young people.

Very enjoyable and informative day.

It was good.

Informative, interesting event

I felt so greatly encouraged that my fundraising is so well utilised by MHRUK

Interesting and informative in general

Well worth participating and the on-line format made this easy.

Very inspiring, interesting and refreshing to see how young scholars are so dedicated and committed to in-depth research and exploring new boundaries in research

It was great!

I am glad it had come around again so soon..!

Excellent meeting.