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Scholarships for the MD(Res) at King's College London (please note that applications are not currently being considered)

The Trustees of Mental Health Research UK has, since 2018, supported the MD(Res) degree at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IOPPN) at King's College, London. Mental Health Research UK wishes to support young psychiatrists with an interest in mental health research by offering Scholarships for this programme because we need to encourage more people to develop careers within academic psychiatry. We are keen to provide a supportive community within Mental Health Research UK for all our scholars, which these two award holders will join. This will help doctors thrive in their studies and ensure progress is made towards improving the lives of people with mental health problems, through scientific advances.

Dr Gareth Owen, Chair MD(Res) committee, King’s College London, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience said:

“Doctors working in mental health sometimes come to research questions later in their careers with the benefit of clinical experience and training. It is hugely important that their experience and research energy is tapped and academic awards make a real difference to enabling such innovation. These awards from MHRUK are an excellent way to bring clinical experience and high quality research supervision together to foster an exciting new cohort of clinical academics in mental health.”


Mental Health Research UK,  MD(Res) awards
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MD(Res) Scholarship 2020: Dr Lauren Waterman; King's College London.

Project Title: From Immigration Detention Centres into the Community: Health, Coping and Unmet Needs of Formerly Detained Migrants.



MD(Res) Scholarship 2019(2): Dr Camilla Day; King's College London.

Project Title: Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Contextual Factors in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression.

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MD(Res) Scholarship 2019: Dr Cate Bailey; King's College London.

Project Title:  Experiences, agency and explanatory models in patients with functional neurological disorders: a qualitative and quantitative study.


MD(Res) Scholarship 2018: Dr Nuala Kane; King's College London.

Project Title: Contested Capacity Assessments 

An extract from the course website is given below and further information may be found at: 


‘The MD(Res) programme is a postgraduate research degree for medically qualified professionals. It is two-thirds the length of a PhD and can serve as a basis for a research career, for academic and clinical promotion and for personal development in clinical practice. The MD(Res) is usually taken part-time and allows the candidate to conduct a substantial piece of research over 4-5 years part-time (or 2-3 full-time).


The typical entrant is a psychiatrist, neurologist or GP at higher training level, who has identified research supervisors based in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN). The candidate must be able to devote time to research (at least one day a week for part-time students).


The MD(Res) is available to doctors at other stages of their career, including consultants, so long as the candidate can demonstrate he or she will have sufficient time to complete their studies.


As with other postgraduate research degrees, candidates are not only expected to conduct a significant study, but also to gain a broader research training, and a number of courses in research methodology, academic writing etc, run through KCL, are available to MD(Res) candidates.’


To apply for an award, candidates should first discuss their proposed project with Once the project is approved by the IoPPN please contact Mental Health Research UK at with MD(Res) in the subject of the email.

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