Mason bros Manchester Marathon 

Brothers Matthew and Gary Mason are running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7 April to raise funds for the Mental Health Research UK (MHRUK) charity to honour the memory of their friend Adam Whitehurst.

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The brothers will run the marathon as a relay race, with Matt running the first half and Gary the second. Gary said: "We felt we wanted to help raise awareness and start conversations about mental health, depression and seasonal affective disorder." 

Gary and his brother would be grateful for any donations, which can be made by visiting their fundraising page at:

Gary Mason and his brother Matt would like to say a special 'thank you' to everyone whose generous donations contributed to the fantastic total of £2,309.26 (so far) raised in memory of their friend Adam Whitehurst.

On Sunday 7 April, Gary and Matt ran a marathon to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK (MHRUK). Both brothers were spurred on by the memory of their friend, to help raise money for this charity, which is dedicated to funding research into mental illness. 

Gary said: "A huge thank you from us both to everyone for their donations and messages of support in the lead up to the Manchester Marathon Relay. We are overwhelmed by the amount that has been donated to this extremely worthy charity. The run was a brilliant opportunity to remember our friend Adam originally from the Manchester area, and to reflect on the importance of opening up and talking about mental health.

If anyone would still like to make a donation no matter how small, please visit: “

Many thanks and best wishes

Gary & Matt