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EPOC: Evaluation of large-scale mobile PhOne based Cognitive assessment in first-episode psychosis for research and clinical care.


John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2024 – University of Cambridge


Supervisors: Dr Graham Murray, Dr Christelle Langley


Lay Summary: Advances in digital technologies are transforming our lives and are now very well placed to have major transformative effects on mental health research and care. This project will involve piloting and evaluating the first large scale mobile phone based cognitive assessments of memory and problem solving in UK patients with first episode psychosis. The pilot could lead to early identification of cognitive problems and increased uptake of treatments targeting cognitive problems and also pave the way for invitations into clinical trials of new treatments. Mobile phone based cognitive assessment will be linked with rich clinical data delivered through advances in electronic health record infrastructure. The combination of large scale cognitive and clinical and demographic data provides a rich environment to pose questions about the factors that underpin cognitive problems in psychosis. The student will assess staff and service user experience of the pilot, and will use the research dataset acquired to answer questions about factors contributing to cognitive impairment, potentially helping development of new treatments.

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