Hopeful Hikers Isle of Wight Ultra challenge page

Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge 1st Half for Mental Health Research UK because more support is needed for Mental Health Awareness


Team members: Jackie Wolverson, Paula Purnell and Rachel Wellington are the Hopeful Hikers

Event: Isle of Wight Ultra challenge, 04 May 2019

We are taking on this Challenge of hiking 52K around the Isle of Wight in order to raise awareness and help support the great work that Mental Health Research UK do to support those living with mental Health issues.

It is an area that is close to all of the team members, who have personal experience of Mental Health either themselves or friends and family.

Throughout our training and and preparation for the challenge we will provide ongoing information about our progress and where your money goes to support this worthy cause

Click on this link to support the hopeful Hikers:


Congratulations to the Hopeful Hikers on completing the challenge and the magnificent fundraising

For further information, or to pledge support, please contact us by sending an email to trustees@mhruk.org 


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