The PhD Research Scholarships we are currently funding are as follows: 

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Eating Disorders in Young People PhD Scholarship 2021

University College London - Exploring the causal role of emotion regulation, internalising and externalising symptoms in the aetiology of eating disorders: a triangulation approach using longitudinal general population, primary care, and genetic data.

Fieldrose Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship 2021

Cardiff University - Integrating microarray and sequencing data to identify rare risk and protective genetic variants for schizophrenia.

Student: Sophie Chick



John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2021

Bath University - Feeling de-humanised by distressing psychotic voices: Developing our understanding and psychological therapy.

Psychological Trauma: Understanding risk, building resiliance PhD Scholarship 2021

King's College London - Understanding risk and building mental health resilience after childhood psychological trauma: focus on the subjective experience.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health PhD Scholarship 2020

University of Cardiff - Identification of factors promoting sustained good mental health in children of depressed parents

Student: Eglė Padaigaitė

John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2020

King's College London - Neural mechanisms of positive symptoms in first-episode and prodromal psychosis.

Student: Samuel Knight



Mark Robinson MRCVS PhD Scholarship 2020

University of Manchester - Developing participant-informed methods for acceptable and safe research into suicidal experiences

Student: Kerry Hozhabrafkan


Mental Health Research UK PhD Scholarship 2020

University of Nottingham - Understanding pathways to self-harm and suicide ideation in high risk young people: an unmissable opportunity for suicide prevention.

Student: Katherine Bird

Anxiety and Depression in Older People PhD Scholarship 2019

University of Sussex - Predicting development and treatment of common mental disorders in older adults.

Student: Alexandra Schmidt

Children and Young People PhD Scholarship 2019

King's College, London - Imagine a brighter future: Development of a school-based positive imagery intervention to target anhedonia in adolescents.

Student: Taryn Hutchinson

The Sylvia and Christine Wastall PhD Scholarship 2019

University of Bristol - The association between childhood language development and adolescent psychotic experiences in a general population sample. 

Student: Sarah Hemingway

John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2019

University of Cambridge - Targeting medial prefrontal cortex brain networks implicated in hallucinations.

Student: appointment to be confirmed

Children and Young People's PhD Scholarship 2018

University of Oxford - Understanding the emotional and practical needs of parents with psychosis and those of their children.

Student: Jessica Radley


Children and Young People's PhD Scholarship 2018

University of Edinburgh - Understanding biological and psychosocial risk and resilience factors for adolescent depression.

Student: Niamh McSweeney





John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2018

University College London - Investigating how rare genetic variants increase schizophrenia risk.

Student: to be confirmed

Mental Health Research PhD Scholarship 2018

University of Cambridge - Understanding the psychological and biological characteristics of Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in schizophrenia caused by clozapine treatment.

Student: Marjan Biria

Adolescent Mental Health PhD Scholarship 2017

University of Sussex - Pre-morbid school functioning and trajectories of mental health and social disability in adolescence and young adulthood.

Student: Lucie Crowter

The John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2017

Oxford University - Developing our understanding and treatment of paranoia using virtual reality technology.

Student: Poppy Brown

The Fieldrose Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship 2017

Kings College London - Turning the Curse into a Blessing: Using Mindfulness to Reduce Schizophrenia Vulnerability in Psychosis-Prone Individuals.

Student: Heather McDonald

Anxiety Disorder PhD Scholarship 2016

Oxford University - Mediators and moderators of treatment effects in social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Student: Milan Wiedemann

John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2016

Manchester University - Understanding psychological resilience to negative stressors and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in people experiencing schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Student: Kamelia Harris

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