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How to take part in BRIGHTEN UP! on World Mental Health Day

  • Identify a group that will take part - ideally in your workplace or school but it could be a group of friends.

  • Try to start organising your event a few weeks beforehand to allow people time to organise themselves.

  • Build some support by showing the group the flyer and/or putting up the posters - see below.

  • Once you have some support, get the idea approved if this is necessary then try to get all your supporters to spread the word to involve others.

  • Encourage discussion about what to wear.

  • If you wish to raise any money for Mental Health Research UK, have a bucket for contributions on the day - there is a label you can use in the Toolkit below.

  • Have a fun day and talk about mental health and well-being.

  • On the day, organise group and individual photos and post them on the BRIGHTEN UP facebook page. By doing this you will spread the word to all your friends.


  • Whilst it is ideal if you do Brighten Up on World mental Health Day, 10th October, if this date doesn't work for you just pick another date near then.


Thank you and have a brighter day.

It’s very easy to take part. If you are interested please Download the posters, flyer and toolkit, when available.

Please join us for our depression awareness campaign, Brighten Up on 10th October 2021

Wear your brightest clothes to start conversations about mental health and raise awareness of depression and seasonal 

affective disorder.