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Atlantic Rocks Rowing Team, Sponsorship Appeal


In January 2024, a team of 4 RAF Regiment Gunners will be challenging themselves, by taking on one of the greatest feats of human endurance, by rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, a total of 3200 miles, starting in Lanzarote and finishing in Antigua. The challenge will last anywhere between 38 – 50 days, where the crew will row in pairs until the finish line, rowing for 2 hours on, 2 hours off.

To date more people have scaled Mount Everest and have been into space than have completed this challenge. This team is made up of 4 individuals with over 60 years combined military experience, which has seen each person either serve in Iraq, Afghanistan or both environments, conducting operational deployments. This crew, with their operational experience, ability to work in a high pressure environment and hardship, know what it takes to complete arduous missions and have a solid skillset to not only complete this challenge, but aim to break the World Record in doing so!


The main goal of the Atlantic Rocks Ocean Rowing Team is to successfully complete the row on behalf of the RAF, RAF Regiment and Team Sponsors. This will be completed with the professionalism, perseverance and dedication that would be expected from all sponsoring bodies. Atlantic Rocks are also committed to maximising the publicity of the sponsors through all available media channels. Atlantic Rocks also wish to support several charities which we have each individually chosen.

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