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Mental Health Research UK at a glance 2021/22

Review of Activities:

Our donors

Our activities for generating funds include our regular donors and we are pleased that their continued support has enabled us to award two Scholarships this year.

Our voluntary donations have been challenging this year. However, we are very grateful for the continued support of donors, some of whom have suffered the loss of a loved one. It is very much appreciated. 

Charitable Expenditure

This year we awarded two new PhD Scholarships as follows:

1.John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2022. Ten applications were received. After peer review the Scholarship was awarded to Professor Michael C. O’Donovan & Dr. Antonio F. Pardiñas, Cardiff University Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences.


Titled: New approaches in precision psychiatry: Exploring genomic markers and linked health records to predict symptom improvement and drug response in schizophrenia.

The Estimated cost of the award is £85,270

2.COVID-19 PhD Scholarship 2022. Eleven applications were received and after peer review the Scholarship was awarded to Professor Stephani Hatch & Dr Gemma Knowles King’s College London, Institute of Psychiatry.

Titled: Racial inequalities in mental health help-seeking among young people in the covid-19 context.

The Estimated cost of the award is £98,975

For more details of all our Scholarships click here to visit our website



We have seventeen Scholarships running at present, three at King’s College London; two each at Sussex University, Cardiff University, University College London and Cambridge University; and one each at University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, Bath University, Oxford University and University of Nottingham


We also have four MD(Res) awards running at King’s College London.


Our spending on Scholarships, raising awareness and Scholars’ Day, represents over 95.7% of our total expenditure.


Other payments

Our other expenditure this year covered such things as, JustGiving, Card printing, London Marathon entry, Insurance, Accountant’s fees and IT. In total this amounted to 4.3% of our total expenditure. Our expenditure profile is adjusted annually depending upon income by adjusting the number of Scholarships we award. All of our Trustees realise that many of our donors appreciate the low cost base we have and that over 95% of our funds go towards research.


Owing to the continuing COVID pandemic our Scholars’ Day was carried out by Zoom. The report and videos are shown on our website 

Overall, thanks to the generosity of supporters and major donors, we raised over £128,459 this year, a good result.

Income chart.jpg
Expenditure Chart.jpg
For Annual Review and Accounts, Click on the links below.

The following documents give details of the Charity's activities and accounts over the past years:

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