Adam Manley's Sky Dive

Adam's Sky Dive fundraising in support of Mental Health Research UK has now finished and he is very proud to say that he has raised the following.


£714.00 Just Giving donations

£90.00 Gift Aid

£307.00 Facebook Fundraiser donations

Total raised is £1111.00!!!

Many thanks for all the support over the last few months when he was on my fundraising mission.

A really big thank you to everyone that contributed !!

Adam 2.jpeg
Adam 1.jpg
Adam 3.jpeg

The Sky Dive will take place on Monday 29th July, only 5 days away, starting to brick it now like, but he is also kind of really looking forward to it, and he has promised myself that he is not going to close my eyes as we jump out of the airplane like he did last time, he is determined to experience the whole thing with my eyes wide open.



My video link:

Adam 4.jpeg
Adam & Phil Murray.jpg
Adam 5.jpeg

This is me with Phil Murray, who has been a great support and instigated my fundraising.