Tom Palmer MD(Res) Award

Mental health problems are so prevalent and yet so misunderstood.  The services are desperately underfunded and even when you are within a service there are few remedies to

offer.  Research for more and better treatments are desperately needed.

Tom Palmer was within the service for quite some time and there was nothing that really helped him.  They only dimmed him, and the worst of the treatments zombified him.  And Tom was no zombie, he was the most intelligent person you'd ever meet.  His thought processes were razor sharp and his passion for his projects was colossal.  There must be some treatments that will eventually be found to help curb the excesses of schizophrenia and to give the person insight into their condition so they will actually accept the medication as something that might help, not just dumb them down for convenience.   His sister describes him as “the most complicated person I've ever known.  He was so so clever, witty, scatty yet hyper focused.  He always beat me and Chris at University Challenge and learned to play the guitar without really trying. He was sometimes difficult to get along with, hard to like but easy to love.”

Tom was a well know (in) famous activist in London.  He was one of the last men standing at The Occupy protest at St Pauls.  He always supported the underdog, the forgotten in society.  He made an impact on everyone he met.  He will always be remembered for his brilliant sense of humour, his special insight of the world and his good-natured eccentric charm.

Tom was only 28 when he died.  After his death one of his friends was quoted saying, “We have lost a musician, artist, poet, anarchist, and activist.  Someone that could have changed the world.  There has been many a night where we have been serenaded by Tom on his guitar and his lyrics were sharp, current and funny.  His poetry and narrative on life was sometimes bordering on genius.

Who knows what he may have become, if only the help he needed was already available.

Mental Health Research UK are pleased to announce support for the Tom Palmer MD(Res) at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IOPPN) at King's College, London. Mental Health Research UK wishes to support young doctors with an interest in mental health research by offering Scholarships for this programme because we need to encourage more people to develop careers within academic psychiatry. We are keen to provide a supportive community within Mental Health Research UK for all our scholars, which this award holder will join. This will help doctors thrive in their studies and ensure progress is made towards improving the lives of people with mental health problems, through scientific advances. 

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