MHRUK COVID-19 Psychological Trauma PhD Scholarship   

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, Mental Health Research has launched a campaign to raise £120,000 for a new PhD research scholarship on psychological trauma arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's very clear that COVID-19 is having a substantial impact on people’s mental health. People who already suffered from mental ill-health may suffer longer-term psychological effects. In addition, the prolonged strain of living under lockdown is causing a significant rise in stress and anxiety in many people across the country. We need to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health in order to make sure they receive the best treatment and support as we recover from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. 
We at Mental Health Research UK knew that we had to react to the increased need for research in this area. We need YOU to help us meet our goal of raising £120,000 to award a PhD scholarship for research into psychological trauma arising from the pandemic. 

We're asking our wonderful supporters to pledge to do one challenge for MHRUK in the next six months, however small, and regardless ofhe size of your final fundraising amount; every bit counts! We’ll be posting creative ideas on our website, and we’d love you to share hatever challenge you decide upon with us. We've been inspired by one of our supporters' creative fundraising challenges. In support of Mental Health Research UK and NHS Charities Together, Victoria Morris climbed the equivalent of the North Face of the Eiger up the outside of her house! She used a fixed rope and repeated the same climb 492 times - 5,900 feet! For every £1,000 raised, Victoria spent a night strapped on a porta-ledge on the wall of her cottage.
We've added a link so you can check out the videos she made during her challenge! Here

Fear not, there's no need to undertake a challenge as daring as Victoria's! Whatever you feel able to do, we really appreciate. What matters is that you care enough to spend your time helping us. We'll add every one of your challenges to a special page on our website, and share them on our social media platforms. You can link to our campaign, and whatever amount you're able to raise will be added to the total towards our goal.
You can either create a fundraising challenge and request friends and family to sponsor you, or raise money yourself and donate it directly via our COVID-19 Virgin Giving page (don't forget to leave a message to let us know how you raised it!). 

Here are some examples of simple challenges which you could do to help us meet our target:

            - If you never run, why not pledge to do your first ever 1km jog? 
            - If you work out a bit, but have never run far, how about a 5km run? 
            - Why not have a garage sale with the proceeds going to Mental Health Research UK?
            - You could take a 10-15 km walk with your family. 
            - How about a cake sale? Bake 20 cakes over the next month, and sell them to neighbours, friends and family. 
            - Not a strong swimmer? Work up to 50 laps of your gym pool.
            - Arty? How about a drawing or painting to 'auction off' amongst family?
            - How about 5000 steps up and down your stairs over 3 weeks?
            - How long have you been putting off those pesky DIY tasks?! Why not do 5 tasks, and donate the money you've saved on calling out a handyman?
            - Try 1000 sit-ups over 3 weeks.
            - Sell those clothes you never wear on eBay and donate the proceeds to Mental Health Research UK.
            - Go for a sleepy 2km walk at 6am every day for 3 weeks!
            - Make Xmas presents for some of your friends and donate what you'd have spent on commercial presents to Mental Health Research UK. 

These are just a few examples - what can you come up with? We'd love to hear about your challenge! 

We hope you’re as excited about this new campaign as we are! We look forward to your photographs and tales about your inventive challenges! We thank you in advance for helping us to transform lives and make a long-term difference."

How to add a Fundraising Page for our COVID-19 PhD Scholarship fundraising campaign to the Virgin Giving site

It’s simple to create your own fundraising page which will link to our COVID-19 PhD Scholarship fundraising page! Just follow the 4 steps below.

First, click on the link below to go to our Campaign page:

1.     Click on ‘Start Fundraising’ button, top right.

2.     Enter email address.

3.     Complete the form to register, and click the button at the bottom of the page.

4.     Follow the instructions to create a fundraising page. 

We would really love to hear about your challenge! If you’d like your story to be featured on our website on our challenges page, please email us at 

For more help on your fundraising page, CLICK HERE:

Victoria's Book, Highpoints

Information about my book is on my website ( and the publisher's websites Depending on where the book is bought from, I should be able to donate between £3 and £7.50 per book to MHRUK.

Shads Palmer and his friends are climbing a virtual Mount Everest. 17th May - 3rd June 2020

This is an 18 day challenge to climb the stairs in his villa in Dubai for an hour each day with a 25kg rucksack on his back. Shads says 'A lunchtime activity for me.' Click on his name to see details of the challenge and daily progress reports, all virtual of course, but a very hard challenge.

"The reason we were very keen to support Mental Health Research UK as one of our charities during our rugby club's Everest Challenge is twofold.

One - as a team we are almost all involved in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in our various roles as teachers, health and safety or industry leads, also supporting a charity that carries out research and supports PhD students in the subject, is a big draw for us.

Second -  most of the team carrying out the challenge have direct experiences of  losing friends, especially ex-military colleagues, to various mental health issues. As we test ourselves throughout the 20+ days, these memories of friends keep driving us forward to complete the task to help raise funds and awareness to prevent further loss."

To donate to Mental Health Research UK COVID-19 Psychological Trauma PhD Scholarship, click on the link.

Whatever amount you are able to raise will be added to our fundraising page for our COVID-19 PhD Scholarship.

We hope you’re as excited about this new campaign as we are! We look forward to your photographs and tales about your inventive challenges!