1,000 Vets Campaign

Clinical depression and suicide is a huge problem with someone taking their own life every two hours in the UK. The Veterinary profession has a suicide rate four times that of the general population. It is therefore time the profession stood together to fight this terrible illness and find some answers.

We lost our dear friend Mark Robinson MRCVS in 2009. He could not understand why this illness had sent him into a black hole. We cannot understand how it persuaded him that the world would be a better place without him.

I have become a trustee of Mental Health Research UK to help fund scientific research into understanding the causes of depression and then hopefully we can begin to find effective treatments. We also want to remove the stigma of mental illness and get people talking.

By doing something very small you can help to make a massive change. A standing order of £10 per month is all we ask from Veterinary practices, Veterinary surgeons or any person who has been affected by suicide or depression.

The Mark Robinson PhD bursary will be a long term project over decades and my role is to unite our profession and supporters behind this project to find solutions. If you can help contact me at ann.dickinson@mhruk.org

If you are contemplating setting up a standing order, all details can be found here.

You can make a difference 

Ann Dickinson MRCVS

Reproduced from Suicide Statistics Report 2011, Samaritans