Scholars' Day 2017

Scholars' Day is our annual opportunity to hear how the PhD Scholars funded by the charity, are progressing with their research. This helps us to monitor the quality of research and inform our priorities for future funding. It also allows the Scholars to broaden their understanding of mental health issues, by meeting others working in different topic areas or with different research skills. 
It is also important that our scholars get to know each other so support from their peer group is available if needed. 

This year’s event was held on 3rd March at the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham. It was a really successful day and was attended by most of our past and present Scholars together with Trustees of the charity and several of its long term major supporters.

Seven current scholars made presentations providing updates on their research. Copies of their slides are available below. The presentations generated some fascinating questions and discussion.

The event demonstrated what a great group of bright young Scholars are carrying out the research projects we support and the fantastic support they are receiving from their respective universities. This is resulting in some very high quality research, which is already starting to make a big difference. It also became clear that several aspects of the research have wide ranging relevance to areas of mental illness well beyond the specific aim of the research. However, it also reminded us how limited knowledge of mental illness is and how much still needs to be done to improve outcomes for those who are affected.

Several of the scholars told us how valuable it was to have the opportunity to talk to some of our supporters who provided insights into their own experience of mental illness, or that of their loved ones. All of this reminded the charity of the importance of its mission to ‘make a difference in the long term’.

Cristina Filannino Presentation Nottingham March2017.pptx

Jyothika Kumar Presentaion 2017.pptx

Sumit Mistry Presentation 2017.pptx

Milan Wiedeman Presentation 2017.pptx

Kamelia Harris Presentation 2017.pptx