Fieldrose Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship 2021

Guidance Notes for Applicant Universities.

Mental Health Research UK and The Schizophrenia Research Fund invite Universities to apply for this Scholarship in the field of the Genetics of Schizophrenia. This might include gene discovery or the application of genetic findings to understanding disease mechanisms or the development of new treatments. The Scholarship is named after the Fieldrose Charitable Trust which is sponsoring this Scholarship.

One application only from a University will be considered.

The award covers fees and stipend only and will be based on the Medical Research Council’s minimum stipend and fees for UK students currently as follows:

2019/20 Stipend: Outside London - £15,009 Inside London - £17,009                                                                2019/20 Fees: £4,327.                       

We do not support fees for international students.


Funding will cease at 4 years or on submission of the PhD thesis, whichever is earlier. The fourth year is regarded as a writing-up year and the grant will be the stipend and thesis fee only. In the event of early submission, a brief application to retain the student for the remainder of the period within the total cost envelope will be considered. College fees will be considered, where advertised by the University, as additional to the tuition fee.


Mental Health Research UK will consider a small grant towards Travel and Conference attendance, where the student is presenting and to essential external training courses, subject to prior approval and submission of invoice/receipt. No contribution will be made towards Research Support costs. 


If your University fees or stipend are different from the above, please advise in the covering email with your application.

Closing date for applications: Midnight on Friday 15th May 2020.

Applications: form provided to be completed electronically in 12 pt Times New Roman, maximum of 4 x A4 pages, plus one for each supervisor. Any additional pages will be disregarded.

The completed application form should be emailed to:

Please note that applications from individual students are not permitted and applications that do not conform to the above requirements will not be considered.

Assessment: assessment will be carried out by the Trustees of the charities and their scientific advisers. There will also be a lay assessor with experience of Schizophrenia.

Mental Health Research UK aims to make a significant improvement to the lives of people with mental illness by funding research into causes of and cures for mental illness.

The Schizophrenia Research Fund was formed to advance the better understanding, prevention, treatment and cure of all forms of mental illness and in particular of the illness known as Schizophrenia.

Mental Health Research UK Grant Terms and Conditions apply (see PhD Scholarship competition).

Documents for download

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have difficulty in downloading the application form and we will email you a copy