Imagine a brighter future: Development of a school-based positive imagery intervention to target anhedonia in adolescents. 

Children and Young People PhD Scholarship 2019 : Psychology Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College, London.

Supervisor: Jennifer Lau, Victoria Pile

Summary: Depression is common, distressing and costly. Depression that starts in youth is associated with worse outcomes. Yet many young people with depression face difficulties accessing treatments. This project aims to develop an intervention that encourages positive future thinking, as a way to uplift positive mood, in young people with high levels of depression. Learning how to deploy this effectively in youth could be a valuable and empowering experience. To assess how possible it is to administer our intervention, we will gather data on how many young people (their schools and parents) are willing to take part in the research, how many complete the intervention, how helpful they find it, whether they respond negatively, and areas for improvement. These data are a first necessary step for assessing whether this intervention would be acceptable and safe in this population before we can plan larger studies in the future. Consistent with the views of many young people and teachers, our intervention is designed to be easily deliverable in a school environment by a practitioner without the need for extensive clinical training.