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My Lockdown Art

posted Dec 13, 2020, 1:45 AM by MHRUK Administrator   [ updated Dec 14, 2020, 1:03 AM ]

I’ve never really thought of myself as a painter, except of walls occasionally. Just before lockdown 1, I more or less doodled an attempt to copy a piece I own, done by a proper artist. It was engrossing, and kind of relaxing. Often we hear reference to art as therapy, but I didn’t start for that reason. I started, then I continued, because I really enjoyed doing it, and the results made me smile, not because they are funny, but because in a way I can’t explain, they are FUN.

I have a personality trait which bothers me, which is that I am actually mildly afraid of boredom. I feel real anxiety if even a few empty minutes stretch out ahead of me. It means I get a lot of reading done, and during this strange year of Covid and lockdown, I have painted a lot of pictures. Fifty six at the last count; that’s a bit obsessive, isn’t it? I’ve given a few away to family and friends, whether they wanted them or not, but there are many more than I have wall space to accommodate.

The subject matter is always something that I can put in front of me and try to reproduce, so it is still life, but I think in an unusual style. At first I found I was quite good at footwear and vegetables, but I’ve branched out a bit since then and done some fruit, teapots and clothing.

Because of my friendship with Clair Chilvers I have taken an interest in the work of Mental Health Research UK from its beginning, and in small ways I have tried to support. In fact four of the paintings have been sold and raised a bit of cash for MHRUK.

I have a website to display my pictures for sale, and for each one that sells I’ll give a 25% donation to MHRUK. Also on the website are some books I’ve written, some more rather quirky art done by my granddaughter Jasmine, and links to Jasmine’s music. She’s a lovely singer and guitarist, but I would say that that, wouldn’t I (because she is a lovely singer and guitarist).  The website is called www.uniqueartbooksmusic.com . Please have a look.  I’m open to suggestions of what to paint; in fact a few were done because I asked friends to send me photographs of objects that mean something to them. I loved that. For example, for my sister-in-law I did the shoes she wore when my niece was married alongside an old pocket watch that belonged to her late husband, my brother.

Here are few pictures for you to see.


And by the way, those walls I painted were generally magnolia. I’m not Banksy.

   Elaine Whiteside