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Mental Health Research UK was established in 2008 as the UK's first charity dedicated to funding research into mental illness in order to develop better treatments with fewer side-effects. The Trustees continue to work with passion for the charity pro bono whilst in full time jobs. Mental Health Research UK pledges to give no less than 95% of all donations received to research, and to monitor its overheads and expenses very closely and with transparency, recognising that this is extremely important to donors. 

With this pledge, you can be sure that if you support us, your kind donations will be spent on our core aims to help make a difference in the long-term.

Mental Health Research UK - PhD Scholarships 2021

Mental Health Research UK (incorporating the Schizophrenia Research Fund) is pleased to announce a competition for one or more PhD Scholarships beginning September 2021.

Mental Health Research UK makes research awards focusing on research into the causes of mental illness by advertising opportunities in Research Fortnight, on its website, and through its email list. Please note that the charity does not accept any requests for funding from individuals. 

The John Grace QC Scholarship 2021 is awarded in the field of Schizophrenia. 

For the Scholarship is sponsored by the Fieldrose Charitable trust, we would welcome applications for research into the genetic basis of schizophrenia. This might include gene discovery or the application of genetic findings to understanding disease mechanisms or the development of new treatments.

Applications for a Scholarship in the field of Eating Disorders in Young People are also welcomed. Our third award will be for a Scholarship in Psychological Trauma: understanding risk, building resilience.

We invite applications from UK Universities for these Scholarships. Deadline for applications is 15th May 2020.

The full information about how to apply, including the relevant forms to be completed, are shown on each scholarship page. 

John Grace QC PhD Scholarship 2021

Fieldrose Charitable Trust PhD Scholarship 2021

Eating Disorders in Young People PhD Scholarship 2021

 Psychological Trauma: PhD Scholarship 2021

Awards are made after a peer review process via our Scientific Advisory Board. 

Although only registered with the Charity Commission in 2008, Mental Health Research UK has already made twenty research awards; the first jointly funded by the University of Nottingham.

Mental Health Research UK PhD Scholarships - Grant Terms and Conditions.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

For any queries on the application process, please check our FAQ's if you cannot find an answer, please contact applications@mentalhealthresearchuk.org.uk 

For each individual Scholarship we can accept only one application per University. Each University can apply for all three Scholarships if they wish.


We are always interested in people who want to challenge themselves and raise money for mental health research in the process, see our fundraising pages.

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