Music of Martin Sutherland

Listen to this wonderful video of music composed by Martin.

" Martin was a talented musician and academic, who after leaving school went to study at Leeds and Lancaster Universities. At the age of 27 his long standing mental health issues overwhelmed him and he took his own life. He is much missed, but we hope his considerable music legacy - of which La Compañera is but one example - will live on.

We are now promoting, packaging and selling the recording in order to provide some much needed funds for research into mental illness. In the meantime you can watch a short video on YouTube of the recordings that were made. The video - which really speaks for itself - is pieced together from the recording sessions and in effect gives a live recording of the piece...albeit with the focus being on one instrument at a time. Many thanks to the participants for producing such a great piece of music.

We hope you enjoy seeing the video and please feel free to share the link.

Andrew & Ann Sutherland