Fundraising Support

Mental Health Research UK are incredibly grateful to all of those who have given their time to support us in any way they can. Here we have collected just a few of the stories.

Pedal, Paddle and Puff

On Thursday 11th June, 2015, two students at Edinburgh University embarked on a journey by pedal, paddle and puff from Edinburgh to Paris. The aim was to get from Edinburgh Castle to the Eiffel Tower in 10 days via bicycling, kayaking and running. 

Simon Harkin

12 years ago my little brother committed suicide after several years of suffering from his bi-polar disorder. He had made two previous serious attempts on his life before his last successful attempt. The impact on our family was devastating both during his illness and after his death. Nobody will understand what we went through unless they experienced it themselves. Read more...

Why Ricky supports MHRUK

Ricky lives in Southern England and used to work as a psychiatric nurse. He then suffered a mental health breakdown and experienced the psychiatric system from the other side. Read more ...

Martin Andrew Sutherland

On the 15th December 2011 Martin Andrew Sutherland took his own life. Left stunned, bewildered and deeply, deeply saddened by this tragic event, his family choose to give their support to 
Mental Health Research UK to try to make a difference for other families. Read the full story ... You can listen to music composed by Martin by clicking here.

On 11th August 2014 it would have been Martin's 30th birthday and that fact deserved some kind of recognition. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Martin’s friend Rachael Gladwin, along with many other contributors including his best friend Ben Layton, Martin has a brand new website at

Martin would have been well chuffed with what Rachael has produced. According to Rachael this website is his birthday present from all his friends – a much appreciated and heart-warming gesture. Please feel free to enjoy the website, share it far and wide with as many others as you like and if you feel inclined, help raise some much needed cash by downloading ‘La Companera’, a piece which was written by Martin for his A-level when he was just 17.

Dr Laura Davidson

Dr. Laura Davidson, one of our co-founding trustees worked in Africa on mental health policy and legislation and wrote a fundraising blog about her experiences to raise money for the John Grace QC scholarship. You can read her blog here.