St Bernadette's Primary School Fundraising                                                    15th October 2015

Year 5 Cake Sale

The Year 5 cake sale what a memorable moment selling cakes, buying cakes, eating cakes and most importantly raising money for Mental Health Research UK.

Mental Health Research UK is one of the only charities dedicated to mental illness research so we thought it was right to support them. My target for the cake sale would have been £200.

On Thursday the 15th of October 2015 Year 5 in St Bernadette’s primary school had a cake sale to raise awareness for Mental Health Research UK.

We were all excited to start the sale and trying to help people who need our help. It started off with reception coming to buy some cakes at around 1:15. They got to take two Cakes each. I sold 2 cakes and had raised £1.

Next year one came to buy cakes. They were trying to leave with more than two cakes but the teacher stopped them from doing so. 

Later on year 2 came they had their own money so some children could buy more than 2 cakes. At this time I had only 10 cakes left.

The whole day was amazing, but it was better that we knew we were raising money for charity. Altogether we got over £400 pounds. It was amazing to be a part of. We never know that £400 might help save someone’s life.

If I got the chance to do it again I would.

By Luke 5F

Thank you Year 5, for supporting Mental Health Research UK