Virgin London Marathon                                                                                                    24 April 2015
Ross Culley

Hi, my name is Ross Culley and I’m taking on the London Marathon which is one of the ultimate challenges and respected runs there is. My aim is to absolutely smash it and push myself to achieve a time I didn’t know I could get. I will be putting in lots of hard work to conquer this feat so I have set an ambitious completion time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Running the London Marathon also gives me the opportunity to raise money for a charity close to me. I know many people with mental health problems and see the relentless struggle they go through. It is by far the most common health issue among the people I know and this gives me the motivation and inspiration to contribute towards its treatment and prevention. Statistics and research showed me that a disproportional amount of money gets given to mental health services and even less to research. I didn’t know of such a charity that only focuses on the research side of mental health. So I searched for one and the result was Mental Health Research UK. Not only is it great to raise money for this much needed charity but I feel that running such a high profile event like the London Marathon raises the awareness for this charity which is key for its success. 

I very much appreciate your support.

To donate on my fundraising page, click on the link:

Thanks :)

Ross Culley