Chiara Prono, Laura Piana, Raluca-Elena Marian, Kyra Lochmann

Our fundraising activities have come to an end and we would be glad to share our experience with you.

We are very happy to let you know that everything went exactly as we planned. We held our baking sales at 3 different locations, which were: VHR office, Better Gym Woolwich and our university (University of Sunderland in London). We didn't set prices for the products. We chose to let people donate how much they would like to instead, as we thought they would be more open to help.

We raised £200 from all three activities together, which is more that we all expected. 

We really enjoyed this experience and we are delighted we were able to raise money for your charity. Also, all the people involved were very happy with the idea of helping and finding out more information about Mental Health Research UK. We really hope they will continue to donate.

                                 Congratulations a brilliant effort