Mother & daughter running 10K to raise funds for MHRUK in tribute to grandmother devastated by mental illness.

Congratulations to Karen and Biba for completing the Vitality 10K, and thank you from all of us at Mental Health Research UK for taking part and the brilliant fundraising

My grandma has suffered from severe mental health issues since the age of 15.     

I am running 10K to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK because it is the first charity dedicated to funding research into the causes of mental illness in order to develop better treatments with fewer side-effects.

I don’t want anyone else to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia as the effects have devastated my grandmother’s life.

I’d be thankful for any donations.


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I mourn for the life my mother never had.

I am frustrated by the lack of funding for mental health research and deeply saddened by the tragedy of this beautiful woman living only half a life due to paranoid schizophrenia.

Mental Health Research UK is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illness, their causes and cures. Their aim is to develop better treatments with less side-effects. Their work is so important.

Please donate to Mental Health Research UK in order to help people with poor mental health live full lives.

Thank you,


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