Judith Freedman - Bedford Sprint Triathlon                                                                16 June 2013

Judith and Anne completed the sprint triathlon and raised nearly £4000 - A very big Thank You! from MHRUK.

A friend and I will both reach the milestone of 50 later this year. As neither of us is a party person, we thought that we would celebrate by attempting a Sprint Triathlon and raising some money for charity at the same time. The date that we will be doing this is Sunday 16th June in Bedford.

The chosen charity is Mental Health Research UK. There are many mental health charities in the UK that support people with mental illness and those that care for them. Some of these charities also fund research either carried out in-house or externally, but the amounts of money are relatively small. There is no equivalent of Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation, or Diabetes UK - all charities that are high in everyday consciousness. Mental health is a huge and growing burden on the NHS and funding for research could potentially reduce that burden in the longer term. Please dig as deep as you are able - nobody ever knows (probably fortunately) what is around the corner for them or for their families. My son very suddenly became psychotic last September - there was no history, he literally started thinking a bank had taken over his phone and laptop with pieces of rubbish being messages left for him from one day to the next. He is on medication and very much better, but we would like to help others in the future to understand why this happens. Development of medication with fewer side effects would also be wonderful.

We have created a Just Giving page to make donating easy if you wish to choose this method - the link is below.


Well done Judith & Anne and thank you - MHRUK