Jean Ashley

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race: 
Jean and Adele's DW 2013 Journey

Jean and Adele battled against sub-zero conditions after leaving Devizes at 11.20am on Saturday. They faced strong Easterly winds, -4 temperatures which iced up their kayak, drinks systems, life jackets and pogies! It was strong determination that got them to Westminster Bridge on Sunday at 9.35am. They came 22nd out of 160 starters, they finished in an incredible 22 hours, 19 minutes, placed 2nd Ladies team and Winning the Ladies Veteran’s Trophy!

Jean says "It was certainly an amazing journey, with good times and dark times along the way. You push yourself to the limit and find your personal strengths, no matter how fit you are it's your mental strength that drives you on. Its paramount having a very trusting kayak partner, from whom you have no secrets, along with a positive support crew who never stop believing in your strengths!"

We had the coldest Easter on record with 45% retirement rate due to the harsh conditions, we certainly had highs and lows, but knowing we had so many followers back home and lots of sponsors helped drive us on. We had tears of elation in our eyes, coming into Westminster knowing we had held onto our dream, we had a very emotional ’Team Hug’ and we have a memory that will stay with us both for ever. A huge thanks to our support crew, Dave, Kate, Adrian and Margaret …. without them none of this would be possible they were truly amazing!

The Families of Mark and Ray especially Louise and Judy our good friends, have much more pain in their life than we could ever imagine. A frozen cold bottom, icy fingers and a few blisters during our 22 hour challenge have all gone now, … their pain hasn't healed so easily. But thanks to you all we now have a huge donation to give to MHRUK, its standing at £2000 at the moment but its still keeps coming in ….. THANK-YOU all so much!

All this just made us dig a bit deeper knowing we weren’t out there on our own,
and YOU were willing us to get to the finish line too!
Once again Thank you all …. Love Jean and Adele XX

Well done Jean & Adele and thank you - MHRUK