Fundraising Events and Challenges
Mental Health Research UK is incredibly grateful to all those who spend their time and effort raising money for the charity through all sorts of amazing endeavours. Please click on the links below to see what people have been doing in order to make a long-term difference, and why. Please support them.

Already signed up for a challenge- best of luck!

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Pumpkin Boot Sale

Tony and Anne raised funds for Mental Health Research UK by growing and selling pumpkins    ...Read More...

Completed challenges for Mental Health Research UK

Congratulations! and well done

Chiltern 50 Challenge

Mark Anderson walked 50k to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK    ...Read More...

Pen-Y-Fan Tractor Tyre Push for Mental Health Research UK

Taylor Owen Mason is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Mental Health Research UK.  ...Read More...

Omar's birthday fundraiser for Mental Health Research UK
For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Mental Health Research UK. Why? Because difficult times like this remind us that the mind is volatile and that all humans suffer from depressive tendencies. 
...

Shads Palmer is at Mount Everest. 17th May - 3rd June 2020
The reason we were very keen to support Mental Health Research UK as one of our charities during our rugby clubs Everest Challenge is twofold. 
...

Victoria Morris's Challenge for Mental Health Awareness week.
Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18th-24th May 2020.  ...Read More...

One of our co-founding Trustees, Dr. Laura Davidson, has published a book on mental health and development. The book is dedicated to another of our co-founding Trustees, John Grace QC.

Click on the link for details:  Mental Health and International Development 

A stranger takes on an unknown extreme challenge!!

Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of Mental Health Research UK and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to the people you will be helping.  ...Read More...

Eileen’s sponsored slim:  To donate click on the link:       I am doing sponsored slim in memory of my sister as this charity is close to our hearts, I want to lose two and half stone in 6 months. Start date Mon 7th Jan / 7th June, so all donations would be much appreciated, I certainly will be making donation too. there is no rush as it is for 6 months, thanks very much to all who make donation s will be so thankful, I will keep updates of my weight loss each month, thanks again to whoever donates x 

Adam Manley's sky dive: My Sky Dive fundraising in support of Mental Health Research UK has now finished and i'm very proud to say that I have raised the following.       ...Read More... 

Charrington Cake Sale

Charrington House of Finton House School raised £533.32 today at their annual cake sale. Every child at Finton House School was invited to make cakes and then buy them at break time.  Their parents came and bought the rest at the end of the school day.  Much sugar was enjoyed by all. 

Tori and Alex's London to Brighton Challenge

Congratulations to Tori and Alex on completing the London to Brighton Challenge. To read their story and donate, go to

Hopeful Hikers Isle of Wight Ultra challenge page

Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge 1st Half for Mental Health Research UK because more support is needed for Mental Health Awareness.   ...Read More...

Mason bros Manchester Marathon

Brothers Matthew and Gary Mason are running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7 April to raise funds for the Mental Health Research UK (MHRUK) charity to honour the memory of their friend Adam Whitehurst.  ...Read More...

Emma Bramwell's  30 for 30 - in memory of Adam Bramwell

On 12th April 2016 my brother, Adam Bramwell, tragically took his own life after an ongoing battle with his mental health. He was just 27 at the time.  ...Read More...

Andrew's 2018 Challenges

I am running, running and swimming in 2018 for Mental Health Research UK because I want to see their much needed research continue. Please take the time to visit my JustGiving page:                                                      ...Read More...

Alex's Continuous Kymin Climb Six hours to see how many times I can walk up and down the Kymin  ...Read More...

Chiara Prono, Laura Piana, Raluca-Elena Marian, Kyra Lochmann  Our fundraising activities have come to an end and we would be glad to share our experience with you.                                                                                                                                  ...Read More...

Help Sumit and Bonita Mistry and Liu to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK and Cardiff Volunteering Donate now:                                                                                                            ...Read More...

Carolyn Russell Saturday 23rd June, in memory of my good friend Gillian Macrae (for donations in her memory).  An evening of Jazz, Out
of the Blue Jazz Big Band
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ...


Sarah Dixon is walking St Cuthbert’s Way over 7 days as a sponsored charity walk in aid of Mental Health Research UK (, and invites you to join her either for individual days or for the whole walk of 62.5 miles. The first four days are never longer than 9 miles and are all accessible by a bus service. ...Read More...

VITALITY LONDON 10,000, 28 MAY 2018

Mother & daughter running 10K to raise funds for MHRUK in tribute to grandmother devastated by mental illness.  ...Read More...

22nd April 2018: LONDON MARATHON

My name is Tom Dickinson and I am taking the challenge to run my first marathon next April in London. I am hoping by running 26 miles I will raise money for Mental Health Research UK. This charity supports many research projects in trying to find much needed answers and cures for Mental Health problems which affect so many in our society .

Well Done Tom, brilliant effort


In October 2017 I became the first person to walk from John O'Groats to Land's End via the highest point of every historic county on the British mainland. ...Read More...

Ben's Mystery Cycle Tour

1 Ben, 1 bike, 1 tent & 6 weeks for Mental Health Research UK because uncle Joe is our hero.

Any of you who know Benjamin James Woods (a.k.a Our Ben) nephew of the late Joseph B. Crilly, will know that he is a veteran cycler of epic 6-week journeys. Quietly and modestly accepting no praise or admiration for his daring feats.  ...Read more...

Andrew's 2017 Marathon 

I am running two half-marathons in 2017 for Mental Health Research UK because I want to see their much needed research continue.
                                                                                                                                                                                       ...

Simfest Charity of the year

Simfest have announced that Mental Health Research UK will be their Charity of the year for 2017

 ...

Open Garden in Aid of Mental Health Research UK- Sunday 25th June and Sunday 2nd July 2017

John Ravilious was plagued by voices in his head for almost all of his adult life."Tiddles" used to interrupt conversations with cheerful interjections and the odd profanity. The "Bloodbeast"was more sinister, shouting at John and instructing him to do inappropriate and sociably unacceptable things. Most of the time John managed to live with his voices, but every so often he would go through a major and debilitating breakdown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ...Read more...

Auburn Affair: For Alex

We are having a party for Alex!
Please join us as we celebrate the life of wonderful Alex, Los Domingos are headlining, there will be plenty of dancing, partying and
scrumptious food.   ...

Andrew's 60th Year Challenges!! 

I am taking on various challenges in 2016 for Mental Health Research UK. 2016 is my 60th year. In memory of my sorely missed son, Martin, who sadly passed away in 2011, and in order to raise much needed funds for Mental Health Research UK        ...Read more...

To donate on Andrew's fundraising page, click on:

24th April 2016: LONDON MARATHON

Ross Culley
Congratulations to Ross Culley, he has gained an entry to the London Marathon 2016 and decided to raise money for Mental Health Research UK,
 for which we are very grateful. 

To donate on Ross's fundraising page, click on the link:     

Stephen Hammond 
I am running the London Marathon 2016 for Mental Health research. I feel that mental health does not get near enough funding and I want to help be part of helping improve peoples mental health through research. I have a target of raising £500 and would love it if you can sponsor me. 

I have always wanted to do the London Marathon so when I got a ballot place first time round I was chuffed. I told myself that I could run a 4 hour marathon without previously doing any running, how silly I was. My aim now is to just get round, I am up to 10 miles in my training now and I hope I can I complete this to the best of my ability. 

To donate to Stephen's Fundraising page, click on the link:

Will Bryson
After running the Edinburgh Half-marathon and Crystal Palace Triathlon in 2013 and the Chester Marathon in 2014, to raise money for Mental Health Research UK in memory of my uncle Mark Robinson, the time has come to take on the big one: the 2016 London Marathon. 

To donate to Will's Fundraising Page, click on the link: Will Bryson     
 ...

14th February: Andrew's 60th Year Challenges - No 1 - a Sky Dive
I am taking on various challenges in 2016 for Mental Health Research UK. 2016 is my 60th year. In memory of my sorely missed son, Martin, who sadly passed away in 2011, and in order to raise much needed funds for Mental Health Research UK        
...

To donate on Andrew's fundraising page, click on:

9th April: Sheila Bristow's Scafell Climb
Scafell climb on Saturday 9th April. Time 9.30 – 12.27 to summit. 12.40 – 3.15 descent.

I was a bit late completing the 3 peak challenge having done Snowdon and Ben Nevis in my early teens with my parent and my brother.

Having been a mum for 35 years, helping raise grandchildren and caring for my dad with dementia, at aged 58 I finally found I had time on my hands to suit myself.   ...Read more...

3rd March: Debbie Butler is doing a sponsored walk on the University of Nottingham's Mental Health Awareness day

I will be walking on a treadmill at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus Gym. The reason I want to do this is to show people that exercise does help with ones' mental well being. I am also raising awareness of Research. I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and have worked with the University and Nottinghamshire Healthcare foundation Trust on raising awareness of this Disorder.

I also sing in St Marys Choir in Nottingham so am giving a third of monies raised to their Choral Scholars Charity to raise awareness of how singing can help with ones mood as well.

Becky Dudley - 2015 in 2015. 
Congratulations and well done to Becky, who achieved her aim of raising £2015 in 2015. If you look at her blog, you can see what she has done over the year to achieve her goal. Well done Becky and thank you.

Hey there! I'm Becky. I'm 17, I live in the South West of England and I'm currently studying at sixth form. Oh, and I'm also about to embark on a huge challenge: to raise over £2015 in one year. All the money raised will go to Mental Health Research UK, a charity focused on research into mental health and the causes/cures of mental illness. I'm hoping to do this through a number of events - there will be something for everyone! Along the way, I'm also hoping to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness, to do my bit to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding it. I'm really hoping that you'll follow and support my progress. It really would mean the world to me! More information about me, the project and what I'm doing will come as soon as possible. For now, check me out on Facebook and Twitter- and get sharing! :D

What a way to spend a weekend!

Two sisters, Jennifer Sherrey and Chrissy Lewis, are taking part in thirteen events during 2015 to raise money for Mental Health Research UK  ...Read more...

15th October St Bernadette's Primary School Fundraising
On Thursday the 15th of October 2015 Year 5 in St Bernadette’s primary school had a cake sale to raise awareness for Mental Health Research UK.  ...Read more...

23 September 2015: Esther's miles for MHRUK - Tolkien run.
I work in Mental Health and I want to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK because "pull yourself together" REALLY doesn't cut it
.  ...

29th August 2015 Bristol to Bath Walk
Becky Dudley on 29th August I'm doing a sponsored walk from Bristol to Bath, in aid of 2015in2015. If anyone would like to join, that'd be amazing, please just contact her via, or search 2015in2015 on Facebook/Twitter.
...Read more..

6 June 2015: Edinburgh to Paris in 10 days
My name is Geordie Tulloch and I'm a friend of the Robinson family.I'm intending to travel, with one other friend, between Edinburgh and Paris in ten days in aid of 3 charities, one of which we hope to be Mental Health.              ...Read more..

June 2015: Ashley and Steven's 'Color me Rad' £5 run
Thanks to our supporter, Ashley Kay, who did her first ever 5k fun-run, and raised almost £700 for Mental Health Research UK! Read about why she decided to fundraise for us, and how it has also helped her own health. What challenge could you set yourself to make a long-term difference to those affected by mental health issues? ...Read more..

June 2015: Frinton House School - Create a wonderful spread                                                                                     
Finton House School’s Charrington House have held their annual cake sale in aid of Mental Health Research UK again.  Every child at Finton House School was invited to make cakes and then buy them at break time.  ...Read more..

26 April 2015: Dr Hesham Elnazer enters the Virgin London Marathon
I am a senior registrar (ST6) in Neuropsychiatry at St George’s Hospital, London. I am writing a DM in clinical Neurosciences at the University of Southampton focusing on Anxiety disorders and associated neural, endocrine, paracrine and autocrine disturbances. I will be running the 2015 London Marathon raising money for MHRUK and Mind. 
...

24 February 2015: Simon Harkin personal swimming challenge
12 years ago my little brother committed suicide after several years of suffering from his bi-polar disorder. He had made two previous serious attempts on his life before his last successful attempt.  ...Read more...

5 October 2014: Will Bryson runs Chester Marathon in memory of his Uncle Mark Robinson 
After taking my first steps into the world of endurance sports last year, running the Edinburgh Half Marathon and Crystal Palace Triathlon to raise funds for Mental Health Research UK, this year I decided to step it up and take on a marathon. ...Read more...

18 August 2014: London to Paris cycle ride
Well done to Ken, Sam, Ant and Jon for completing their London to Paris Challenge.
"Well it all started a couple of months back when myself and Jon, were talking about the Tour de France. This then led on, over a couple of beers, to 'we should do our own tour', and London to Paris sounded like a great idea.             ...Read more...

12/13 July 2014: Henry Parkinson
I have very personal reasons for wishing to support Mental Health Rresearch UK. Several members of my family have suffered from serious mental illness. Our understanding of mental illness is currently light years behind most physical illnesses... Read more...

24-25 May 2014: London 2 Brighton
It was a friend of mine who suggested I keep her company on the 100k walk from London to Brighton I'm taking part in next month. I asked her what charity she was raising funds for and she said Mental Health Research UK.
... Read more... 

25 October - 3 November 2013: Sahara Desert Trek
Rob Sibbald is supporting Mental Health Research UK with a gruelling 100K trek through the Sahara Desert. He says he must be 'NUTS' and he is doing it 'without beer'. 
... Read more... 

29 September 2013: Mind Matters Charity Ball
Laura Hartwell and friends are raising money in memory of Tim Hartwell. He suffered from bi-polar for 30 years and during that time there was little development in the drugs that treated the illness. Ultimately his illness overcame him and he took his own life earlier this year. 
... Read more... 

14 September 2013: Crathes Half Marathon
The UK is not doing well by people with mental illness – see my justgiving page – I signed on for the Crathes Half Marathon and Naomi and I did the same run on 14th September 2013, 
... Read more... 

8 September 2013: Run to the Beat
Congratulations to Hayley and Lindsay on completing the 'Run to the Beat' half marathon. 
... Read more... 

16 June 2013: Bedford Sprint Triathlon
A friend and I will both reach the milestone of 50 this year. As neither of us is a party person, we thought that we would celebrate by attempting a Sprint Triathlon and raising some money for charity at the same time. 
... Read more... 

14-16 June 2013: Great North Swim
Kathy works within the veterinary profession and Beth is from a veterinary family. Both are very aware of the devastation that suicide and depression can have on individuals, family and friends.They have been training hard for the long cold swim in June. Please support them. Visit their JustGiving page!

June 2013 Charrington House Cake Sale
Charrington House have held their annual cake sale in aid of 
Mental Health Research UK again. ...Read more ...

19 and 26 May 2013: Edinburgh Half Marathon
Will Bryson decided to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon in memory of his uncle Mark Robinson to raise money for Mental Health Research UK. To make it a bit more interesting, he also entered the Crystal Palace Triathlon the weekend before, involving a 750m swim, 20km bike ride and 5km run. ...Read more ...

30 April 2013: Hilarity for Charity
The University of Law organized a comedy evening 'Hilarity for Charity' in aid of Mental Health Research UK. The show took place at the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club in Manchester and raised more than £900. Download the poster.

29 April 2013 Ann Sutherland's Skydive
On the 29 April 2013, weather permitting, Ann was taking on the challenge of doing a skydive in order to raise much needed funds for Mental Health Research UK. Here's her account of what happened. ... Read more ...

21 April 2013 London Marathon
Mental Health Research UK secured a place for 2013 and Karl Roberts ran the marathon for us in a personal best time of 3h 3m. Please support Karl and Mental Health Reseach UK. ...Read more ...

29 March - 1 April 2013 Devizes 
Jean Ashley and Adele Blakebourgh from Chester Canoe Club successfully completed the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race on 30th March - 1st April 2013. They finished 22nd overall out of 160 starters and 2nd Ladies overall. ...Read more ...

1 January 2013 Dr. Laura Davidson - Mt. Kilimanjaro
Laura climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in aid of Mental Health Research UK arriving at the top in the new year.  ...Read more ...

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