Andrew's 60th year Challenges
posted May 2016
2016 is my 60th year. In memory of my sorely missed son, Martin, who sadly passed away in 2011, and in order to raise much needed funds for Mental Health Research UK (, I have decided to take on as many challenges in 2016 as possible. To start with I completed a scary 15,000ft tandem sky dive on 14th February (my 60th birthday); I am running the Manchester 10k on 22nd May. I am doing the Great North Swim (1 ml) on Windermere on 11th June and I have entered the Great North Run on Tyneside on 11th September.

Martin and I spent many happy times taking on various challenges, and memories of those times will be with me while I suffer! Mental illness accounts for one third of all illness, but research into mental illness attracts less than ten per cent of all health related research funds. Please give your support to the cause of advancing the knowledge

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James' run from Capital to Coast
Posted April  2016

Training well underway
On the 28 May 2016 I will be taking on a personal challenge by running from London to Brighton. 100kms, two-and-a-bit marathons. Hang on, that can't be right ... What am I DOING?! An 'Ultra Marathon' apparently!

My target is to raise £500 for Mental Health Research UK which is a cause close to my heart. 

**MHRUK update** James has surpassed his £500 target! Well done James, keep up the good work with all your training and fundraising. Thank you to all those who have sponsored so far, any further sponsors are greatly appreciated.

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Sacha's 1000 mile cycle ride, Lands end to John O'Groats 
Posted April  2016
Cycling is where I am at my happiest. A summer’s afternoon, on a quiet country just me and my bike and often the singing birds. It is my escape! Having been a cyclist for the past 5 years following far too many injuries running I have now decided it is time to set out on my ultimate challenge and tick off one of my bucket list. So instead of a relaxing summers holiday I am taking my time out of work to feel the physical pain in my legs and hope to see some great places in Britain.

So to help the pain during my training and to motivate me to keep going, especially when the rain makes me cold and the hills seem impossible to climb I wanted to make sure I was doing it for people who struggle everyday to hidden pain. Being someone who as been touched by family and friends with mental health struggles I am aware how much that daily struggle is that cannot be seen. More research and understanding is needed into mental health disorders so I task myself in parallel to see if I can raise funds for Mental Health Research UK.

So 1000 miles in 14 days seeing Britain in a different way. And to quote Robert Pirsig (although a slightly different kind of bike) “You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming” - Robert M Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Steve's 11,074 miles on a bicycle 
Posted May 2015
I'm riding a bicycle 11,074 miles which is the coastline of the UK. Starting from No10 at 9am on the 27th June then finishing at No10 approximately 5 months later. So, please help if you can to help me save 14 people lives per day which are lost due to mental health issues. Together we can beat IT. 

Mental Health Research UK is BMA's charity of the year. 
Posted Feb 2015

We are very happy to have been nominated as BMA charity of the year and our grateful thanks to Arthy Santhakumar Senior Research Officer, and all the staff at the BMA for voting for us.
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Becky Dudley - 2015 in 2015. 
Posted Feb 2015
Hey there! I'm Becky. I'm 17, I live in the South West of England and I'm currently studying at sixth form. Oh, and I'm also about to embark on a huge challenge: to raise over £2015 in one year. All the money raised will go to Mental Health Research UK, a charity focused on research into mental health and the causes/cures of mental illness. I'm hoping to do this through a number of events - there will be something for everyone! Along the way, I'm also hoping to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness, to do my bit to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding it. I'm really hoping that you'll follow and support my progress. It really would mean the world to me! More information about me, the project and what I'm doing will come as soon as possible. For now, check me out on Facebook and Twitter- and get sharing! :D