Mental Health Research UK at a glance 2016/17
Highlights of the year

 We awarded three new PhD Scholarships as follows:

· Adolescent Mental Health - University of Sussex

· John Grace QC (Schizophrenia) - Oxford University

· The Fieldrose Charitable Trust (Schizophrenia) -King’s College London

  We held our second, very successful, Scholars day in March at the Institute of Mental Health Nottingham.

  Our supporters raised an amazing £27,000 through events and challenges.

  Our Blooming Monday campaign led by Trustee Ann Dickinson and Henry Parkinson saw significant growth in numbers of those taking part.

  The support from The Scott Eridine Charitable Trust was a major source of income this year.

  Overall, thanks to your generosity we raised over £111,000 this year, a brilliant result.

Our objectives are

●     To protect and promote the health of the public by research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of all forms of mental illness, and in particular the development of the research findings into practical applications for the prevention, treatment and cure of mental illnesses.

In furtherance of the primary objective

(i) to provide information and raise public awareness and in particular public understanding of such matters;

(ii) to build research capacity by way of the provision of fellowships and/or training awards and/or scholarships; and

(iii) to encourage the collaboration in research and the sharing of information both within the UK and worldwide.