Mental Health Research UK Ambassadors

Mental Health Research UK Ambassadors promote our work within the UK and have shown a commitment to supporting those with mental ill health, by promoting research into the causes of mental illness, through their continued and consistent support.

Bishop Stephen Lowe

Bishop Lowe was the Bishop of Hulme, Manchester until his retirement in 2009. In 2006, he was appointed the Church of England’s first Bishop for Urban Life and Faith and served as the Archdeacon of Sheffield for 11 years.

Bishop Lowe is a keen writer and broadcaster on the BBC, debating issues and reviewing the papers. He has a full understanding of the effects that mental health problems can have on the individual and surrounding loved ones. He is a keen supporter of 
Mental Health Research UK in promoting research into this area.

Peter Harlech Jones BVSC, MRCVS

Peter Harlech Jones is an international consultant on veterinary medicines. He was appointed head of the Veterinary division of the European Commission’s Medicines Evaluation Agency and has served on the Veterinary Policy Group and as Chair of the Medicines Group of the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

Peter served as the President of the BVA in 2012/2013 and is very aware of the mental health issues that affect the veterinary profession. He is a keen supporter of 
Mental Health Research UK.

Matt Woosnam

Matt Woosnam is currently a University student who has experience of mental health issues which he has used to initiate a campaign to break down the associated stigma. He is keen to encourage people - particularly young people - to seek support and understand that it is okay to talk about their feelings and mental health issues.

Matt has worked with Time to Change and appeared on various media outlets to discuss the positive impact of talking about mental ill-health, including BBC Radio London and BBC Radio York. He passionately believes that more needs to be done to understand the reasons behind mental health issues, and that treating the symptoms is not enough by itself; indeed we must seek to understand the causes and prevent mental illness, particularly through an increase in funding for research. Matt is proud to be an Ambassador for Mental Health Research UK.