Welcome to Mental Health Research UK

Unlike many charities, since it was registered as a charity in 2008 Mental Health Research UK has given at least 95% of all donations received to research. The Trustees continue to work with passion for the charity pro bono whilst in full time jobs. Mental Health Research UK has increased its funding of research to such an extent that part-time administrative help will soon be necessary. However, even when that occurs, Mental Health Research UK pledges to give no less than 95% of all donations received to research, and to monitor its overheads and expenses very closely and with transparency, recognising that this is extremely important to donors. 

With this pledge, you can be sure that if you support us, your kind donations will be spent on our core aims to help make a difference in the long-term.

Blooming Monday: 18th January 2016 is an annual campaign to raise awareness of more common mental health problems such as depression. Why not take part - it is very easy to do so. The third Monday in January is a short, dark day, known as ‘Blue Monday’: supposedly the most depressing day of the year.  Yet most people tend to wear dark clothes, especially to work.   Blooming Monday gives them the chance to brighten up!

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