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The first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illness, their causes and cures.

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Mental Health Research UK was established in 2008 as the UK's first charity dedicated to funding research into mental illness in order to develop better treatments with fewer side-effects. The Trustees continue to work with passion for the charity pro bono whilst in full time jobs. Mental Health Research UK pledges to give no less than 95% of all donations received to research, and to monitor its overheads and expenses very closely and with transparency, recognising that this is extremely important to donors. 

With this pledge, you can be sure that if you support us, your kind donations will be spent on our core aims to help make a difference in the long-term.

Why not do the MYRIDELONDON challenge for Mental Health Research UK and raise money for our COVID 19 campaign

Fundraise for our new campaign for research into psychological trauma arising from the pandemic: Donate here..

Try the Great North Virtual Run challenge for Mental Health Research UK and raise money for our COVID 19 campaign

Mental Health Awareness Week  we launch a new report celebrating the experience of our PhD Scholars over 10 years.

Mental Health Research UK - PhD Scholarships 2021

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We are always interested in people who want to challenge themselves and raise money for mental health research in the process, see our fundraising pages.

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